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Saturday, October 13, 2007

BN Updates!!!

White Off Shoulder Top @ $22

Crystal Denim Capri @ $25

Aeropostale Long Sleeve @ $22

Colourful Stripes Top @ $19

BN Printed Tube Dress @ $24!!
(comes with an inner lining so no 'skirt-flying' circumstances!)

BN Polka Dots White Dress @ $24 !!

BN Stripes Long Sleeve @ $12 !!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Get Paid Reading Emails!

Hey everyone! Heres a website where u can register and get paid just by reading emails! and its totally FREE OF CHARGE to register!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Piano Teachers Anyone?

Anyone looking for piano teachers? i've got contacts of a few professional piano teachers to teach diff grades both at home and in a school! if interested do email me at !!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Shoes! Skirts! Doughnut Charm! Perfumes!

BN Philips Curling Tongs Set @ $35
Includes: 3 Tongs ,
(- Normal Round Curling Tong
- Angular Twist Curling Tong
- Half Round Curling Tong [for messy out of bed look] )
2 Hair Clips,
Spiral/Ringlets (guider for curling),
Brush for Silky Curls(to be inserted onto tongs),
User Manual,
Travel Pouch.
*Note: This is not the full set.
All items included are brand new.

BN Pink Flirty Mini Skirt @ $15!

BN Butterfly White Top @ $15

BN Peach Pink Baleno Polo @ $15
M size

BN Casual White 'ELLE' Spag @ $10

BN B.U.M Pink Rugged Top @ $15
M size

Red Quilt Bag With Gold Studs @ $29!!
(used once, still in tip top condition)
(retails at ard $42!)

GUESS Style Pumps Size 38 @ $21!!

(one of a kind! cause every single shoes is of different flower patterns!)

(Worn once)

Gold Heels Size 38 @ $15!

(with Hook on Buckles)

(worn once)

BN White Paint Splattered Style Skirt @ $25!
(Paint Colour and Style Customised! One of a Kind!)
Gold Flower Belt @ $12
(used once)

Doughnut Charm (pendant) @ $6!
(u can wear it as a necklace!)
MK1 Unisex Eau De Toilette By CK1 100ml @ $15! (Retails at $59.90!)
(used once)
(made in U.S.A)
Pink Converse shoes size 5 @ $15!
(worn a couple of times)

Black Converse Shoes size 6 @ $15!

(worn a couple of times)